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Medan - Indonesia

Medan is the capital of North Sumatra and is the third-largest city in Indonesia. If you’ve worked your way north through Sumatra, Medan is thankfully modern, with air-con, internet and a middle class population. In Medan, we have a world famous lake called Lake Toba.

Lake Toba (also known as Danau Toba) is the largest volcanic lake in the world and is in Sumatra, Indonesia. Lake Toba is a volcanic lake covering an wide area of 1707 sq km with an island called Samosir Island in the center. It is probably the largest caldera ever formed on earth by a mammoth volcanic eruption about 70,000 years ago.

Lake Toba is a great laid back place to chill out for a few days after jungle trekking etc. The location is very popular with Chinese tourists around Chinese New Year. Tourists like the tranquility and the cooling climate.

Mostly Chinese Population

You will never feel alone in Medan. Roughly the same land size of Singapore, Medan has the largest population of Chinese in Indonesia, representing roughly 70% of the local population and the Chinese population in Medan speak Hokkien.


Stable Education Environment

Medan is a conducive place for providing education to your children. Medan is home to a significant number of universities, colleges, and schools. The city  holds a total of more than 1400 high and elementary schools, and 72 universities and other institutions of higher learning.  

Sister Town of Chengdu

Since 2001, Chengdu has entered a sister city agreement with Medan. During the first anniversary of the "5 • 12" Wenchuan Earthquake, Medan made numerous donations through their businesses and also through their people (see news

Good Transportation System

Taxis and buses are commonly found in Medan. Also, railroad tracks connect Medan to the other ports like Belawan and also the rest of Indonesia.
The seaport is only 20km away, providing the town with fresh produce. A highway is connecting Medan to other parts of Indonesia.